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We offer artworks by international artists

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Luxuriously designed notebooks

handcrafted in our Parisian studio!

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Our Fine Art Prints are Acid free and lignin-free \ Pure cotton \ Long life ISO 9706 \ UltraChrome K3 pigment inks \ Colour stability \ UV resistance.

Fine art print is the top of the range exhibition quality printing standard. For this purpose we have chosen Hahnemühle professional paper that ensures an excellent printed work. The UltraChrome pigmented inks provide stable colours and deep blacks. Ultrashop offers you two types of framing: Dibond® mounting and Floater frames.


Our Stationery is Acid free \ Elemental chlorine free \ Heavy metal absence \ Long life Iso 9706 \ FSC certified papers \ PEFC \ Imprim’vert \ Selected secondary fibers

Luxurious, handcrafted designer notebooks produced in our small Parisian workshop. They are absolutely perfect for noting down things and thoughts on a daily basis. We chose Fedrigoni paper for its excellent quality and for being environmentally friendly.

The Plus - The Must



High Quality

in France

Crucifixion - Charis Kirchheimer - Ultrashop Read more

More about Charis Kirchheimer

I always have loved art; it was a matter of finding something to express myself where words were insufficient. I enjoy painting but I find my painting childish. Writing also interested me but I never found a way with words. It therefore felt natural to choose photography since it can express much more than words, for me in any case.

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel - Somewhere in Yosemite California - ultrashop Read more

More about Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

I don’t know if I would say that I chose photography, I would probably say that photography chose me. As a little girl I played with plastic cameras in which I stared at the succession of photos that resembled postcards; I later salvaged my father’s old camera that I still have. Taking pictures was a natural choice.

Lonely And Stark Peter Ydeen Ultrashop Read more

More about Peter Ydeen

I feel my means of expression, photography, found me, rather than me finding it. I studied painting and sculpture as a student, and coming out of school, I mostly did box art, collage and watercolor. It was only after a lifetime of working with other forms of art, as well as coming through the humbling experience of selling antique Chinese, African and Tibetan art, that I slowly ventured into photography.

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