Medusa - Marta Bevacqua - ultrashop
Yellow- Marta Syrko - Ultrashop
Detail notebook ultrashop
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is an
Art Gallery
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Artworks numbered
and signed in
limited editions.
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handcrafted in our
Parisian studio!

As artists developing our own website we wanted to invite artists to join us. The Ultrashop gallery progress organically, evolving in step with our initiatives. We are confident that by joining forces our chances of success, as well as individual and collective visibility increase.

Art Gallery

Fine art print is the top of the range exhibition quality printing standard. For this purpose we have chosen Hahnemühle professional paper that ensures an excellent printed work. The UltraChrome pigmented inks provide stable colours and deep blacks.

Poster-Frame-ultrashop_andy feltham

Our Fine Art Prints are Acid free and lignin-free, Pure cotton, Long life ISO 9706, UltraChrome K3 pigment inks, Colour stability, UV resistance.

ultrashop in situ - White space - Fred Sochard

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Luxurious, handcrafted designer notebooks produced in our small Parisian workshop. They are absolutely perfect for noting down things and thoughts on a daily basis. We chose Fedrigoni paper for its excellent quality and for being environmentally friendly.

hypnograph - Little notebook - ultrashop
Little notebooks

Our Stationery is Acid free, Elemental chlorine free, Heavy metal absence, Long life Iso 9706, FSC certified papers, PEFC, Imprim’vert, Selected secondary fibers

Techno retro - A5 screw post bound notebook - ultrashop
A5 Notebooks



High Quality

in France


Incomplete - Mert Acar - Ultrashop Read more

More about Mert Acar

I studied graphic design at college and took photography classes, but they were commercially oriented. Then I started an MFA programme in painting and decided to use my photography education through the perspective of fine art.

Checkers - Sophie Lecuyer - ultrashop Read more

More about Sophie Lécuyer

‏I discovered engraving when I went to the École des Beaux-arts de Nancy. I soon recognised an opportunity to make the most of my taste for drawing and I rapidly became a ‘fan’. Engraving is a captivating artistic field with a wealth of various technical possibilities. What interests me in my work is the freedom to explore the endless options provided by drawing.

Gégé brown color - Ultrashop - Gnot Guedin - detail 2 Read more

More about Gnot Guedin

Through comic strips. They made an impression on me at a young age. Drawing followed on naturally after that. Then comic strips again.