Baryta by Hahnemühle

Ultrashop has chosen Hahnemühle baryta paper for its digital photographic prints. The thickness provides a smooth glossy surface and a white made from barium sulfate, a mineral without optical brighteners, which does not yellow. The longevity of the prints is maximised as it is acid-free and has a neutral pH. Providing high definition, this paper presents a beautiful dense rendering with deep blacks, delicate shades of grey and intense colour. The many tonal values complement the reason for our preference. Baryta paper was originally intended for master printers to produce black and white traditional photography on enlargers. Today, the design of this paper for pigment inkjet printing increases reliability while retaining excellent control.

Le moulin du coq - Hahnemühle logo

Ultrashop uses:

  • FineArt Baryta 325gsm
  • Matt Cotton smooth 300gsm


  • Pure cotton 100%
  • Acid-free
  • Long life ISO 9706