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More about Charis Kirchheimer

How did you choose your means of expression

I always have loved art; it was a matter of finding something to express myself where words were insufficient. I enjoy painting but I find my painting childish. Writing also interested me but I never found a way with words. It therefore felt natural to choose photography since it can express much more than words, for me in any case.

Is this medium secondary to or closely linked to your subject

I’m usually inspired by my muses and try to work organically within a theme or idea… Never with a final ideal of what I want to create, I like to be surprised by my own creations.

What material do you use and why

I use numerous cameras ranging from old analog point and shoots, Polaroid, film SLRs and digital. I also like experimenting with light and different types of glass I can get my hands on creating kaleidoscope type images and light leaks, etc.

How does a work session take shape

Usually starting out with a mood board so my muse/and team and I can have the same feeling and be on the same page regarding the direction I want to take for our creation.

Can you explain to me how your work has evolved since starting out

When I started shooting my goal was to become a storyteller of the real world capturing moments as they were happening, recording history in real time. Now, I sometimes like to create images that give you a feeling of wanderlust and let the viewer create their own perspective.


Do your origins and culture play a role in the works that you produce

I believe we are influenced by society on a subconscious level; everything we see, hear and even smell can influence us. I have never thought about whether my culture and origins have played a role but I imagine that they have!

What are your sources of inspiration

My source of inspiration stems from my everyday life, the people I encounter, films, fashion, beautiful places, music and food.

Are there any anecdotes that enable the genesis of your work to be understood

I like people to formulate their own ideas of what the work represents. It’s open to interpretation. I find it fascinating when people tell me what they think and take from my work.


Do you wish to make viewers wonder or do you prefer to question them

As I mentioned before I like the viewers to feel whatever comes to them, whether it is wonderment or questions.

How do you view human beings, and consequently your work

I think humans are curious and always evolving with room for improvement, like with my work.

How would you compare your last work with the next

There is no comparison as they don’t tend to be coherent.

Is art poetry or social intervention

It really depends it could be a bit of both.


How do you view your own work

It is always evolving and has the potential to be greater than the last. I’m never completely content as I see room for improvement.

What are your current and future projects

At the moment I’m working on creating a coffee table book of my muses over the years.

Do you have anything else to add? I’ll let you have the last word…

Always be yourself and be unapologetic.