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More about Marta Bevacqua

How did you choose your means of expression?

I didn’t actually chose it – it just happened.

‏Is this medium secondary to or closely linked to your subject?

Neither. It’s just a medium. It could be anything.
The important thing is the subject and what’s going on in front of the camera.

‏How does a work session take shape?

I do a lot of preparation before the shoot, and the shoot itself is quite quick.

‏Can you explain to me how your work has evolved since starting out?

I started with flowers and portraits of my sisters when I was very young.
Step by step, I grew up and became involved with fashion by chance. After that,
I really started working in fashion in Milan and in Paris right now (I have lived in Paris for 4 years).


‏Do your origins and culture play a role in the works that you produce?

Not really my origins (I’m Italian) but definitely the way I grew up.
I grew up surrounded by nature, in a big country house.
I think it’s thanks to that that I feel very attached to nature.

‏What are your sources of inspiration?

It can be everything. It can be a beautiful light and place or a great model.
I take inspiration from books, movies and music and, of course, from other artists’ works.


‏Are your works more of a dialogue, a trace or a denunciation?

A story.

‏Do you wish to make viewers wonder or do you prefer to question them?

I wish them to wonder.

‏Is art poetry or social intervention?

It can be both.