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More about Marta Syrko

Do your origins and culture play a role in the works that you produce?

I am from a post-Soviet country and this definitely has an impact on my works. However, I think that I try to combine current views on life (freedom, individualism) with those I was raised with.

Which events have influenced you most?

The most horrific event was the death of my grandfather. It was at the same time I was discovering photography.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Art. Performances. Everything connected to vitality, to art.

Do you wish to make viewers wonder or do you prefer to question them?

I want them to wonder and to question. Nevertheless, the emotions of a viewer are the most important for me.

What are your current and future projects?

Right now I am working on social projects (photo sessions people with syndromes)

How did you choose your means of expression?

The sunlight is my main means of expression.

How would you compare your last work with the next?

Now there are more colours, light and composition.