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More about Mert Acar

How did you choose your means of expression?

I studied graphic design at college and took photography classes, but they were commercially oriented. Then I started an MFA programme in painting and decided to use my photography education through the perspective of fine art.

Is this medium secondary to or closely linked to your subject?

Photography is my main medium, but it is not the only one. I also create installations and video art linked to my subjects.

How does a work session take shape?

I usually go out and drive around to find places that fit my current approach but sometimes I go directly to a specific location for ongoing projects.

Can you explain to me how your work has evolved since starting out?

I started out in 2014. Since then I have done so many projects and they led me to read a lot about photography and particularly landscape which include authors like Robert Adams, Liz Wells, Yi-Fu Tuan, John Urry, Marc Augé, Tim Cresswell, etc. The process of shooting made me think a lot but reading and studying photography and landscape made me think even more. With every project, I’ve expanded my vision a little bit more and realised that making art is a way of thinking visually. So, my works evolved into long term studies instead of descriptions or mere documentation.


What are your sources of inspiration?

Art history, fellow emerging artists and photographers, novels and movies, driving and walking, exhibitions, biennales, architecture, highways, dilapidated structures and buildings.


Are your works more of a dialogue, a trace or a denunciation?

They are more like a mixture of dialogue and trace. Photography is a great tool for studying the world through traces. I sort of create dialogues by photographing subjects like altered landscapes, architecture, empty spaces and traces of environmental damage.

Do you wish to make viewers wonder or do you prefer to question them?

I don’t like artworks with exact definitions – they have some sort of user’s manual – but I also don’t like silent mysterious artworks. Giving a short statement is the key for me. It is like opening up some windows so the viewers can choose their viewpoint and create new approaches.


What are your current and future projects?

Lately I started a night photography series focused on mostly architecture and artificial lights. I’ve also been designing a kinetic photography installation over last couple of months. The learning curve is a little steep because of all the mechanical and electronical parts but I get help from a friend. When it’s finished it will look like a sliding billboard with a looping image. There’s also a video art project I’ve been postponing for a year which is based on my Placeholder series.