Notice GB “Shared by Quarter”


You have chosen to use the shared payment solution Quarter for your purchase. You are the ‘organiser’ of this group purchase to be made by several people who have been identified in advance and for whom you have the email addresses.

At the time of payment, authorisation for the total amount of the purchase will be requested but not charged to your payment card, except for your portion of the payment. Please ensure that you fill in the order form on beforehand in order for the purchase, billing and shipping to operate. After following these instructions necessary for the smooth running of our shared payment solution by Quarter, validate this first stage by clicking on Next.

ultrashop-quarter-formulaire 1


Then proceed to invite the participants to make their payments. In order to do so, you need to enter the email of each of the contributors allocating each of them the amount they have chosen to pay, or letting the Quarter system calculate equal parts by default.

The Equal shares button equally distributes or redistributes payments, even if certain participants have blocked it. The Edit button (pencil) next to your name as organiser, enables you to go back to the first window regarding your original data. The button with the lock enables you, once a fixed, specific amount has been entered, to lock it without the other amounts being redistributed. To add an additional participant, just add their email address then validate it by clicking on the + button to the right. To remove a participant from the list, press on the button with the little cross to the left of their name.

ultrashop-quarter-formulaire 2

Once your form is fully completed, enter your card payment details then validate the purchase. That’s all for now!

As organiser of the payment, you will receive the overall bill once the debit authorization has been validated and your share of the payment is complete.

ultrashop quarter validation payment


Each participant will then have 24 hours to pay their share after receiving an email inviting them to complete the form to participate in the shared payment system.

Once payment has been received, they will receive a receipt by email. However, after this deadline, any outstanding payment by a participant will be debited from the payment card of the organiser of the purchase.

shared by quarter ultrashop - participant


Your purchase will be processed and shipped within the framework defined by the production and delivery times of the online store Ultrashop according to the general conditions of sale and use in effect on the date of purchase.