L’ Oeil de Paris 03 by Violette Nell

Edition: Original print, 10 copies.
Authentication: Numbered certificate signed by the artist, invoice.
Medium: Photography.
Technique: Museum quality fine art print.
Colour: UltraChrome K3 pigment inks.
Media: Hahnemühle, FineArt Baryta 300g paper.
Print: Photo with white surround.
Framing: Mounted on Dibond® with recessed frame, Floater frame.

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Durability: Colour stability, indoor UV resistance thanks to mineral pigment inks encapsulated in resin projected on a 100% Alpha cellulose backing.
Lifespan: 75 years without deterioration with normal indoor exposure. Results of tests carried out in independent laboratories.
Maintenance: Stable ambient surroundings recommended for the work. Avoid variations in temperature and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight.
Recommended humidity level: 35 to 65%.
Recommended temperature: 10 to 30°C.
Standards and certification: Acid and lignin-free. Standard ISO 9706 long life.

More about Violette Nell


How did you choose your means of expression?

I was introduced to this means of expression later in life during a long period of convalescence. I had never really had an opportunity to get into photography; it was an art that I observed from a distance. I made the most of my time convalescing to get to grips with photography on my own by reading books and to practice, mainly through self-portraits. What started as just curiosity quickly turned into a passion to the same extent as drawing and painting.

Is this medium secondary to or closely linked to your subject?

This medium is closely linked to my intention I use the camera body directly to create an artistic or poetic ambiance. I therefore use my camera for example to experiment with things like superimposition. I also create my own colour filters by placing transparent book covers in front of the lens to enhance the atmosphere that I want to give my photograph.

What materials do you use and why?

I use basic equipment: a carbon fibre tripod for long exposures, self-portraits and night photography. I use a Minolta XD-7 for argentic shots, a camera that I have used from the start that has proved its worth. For street photographs, taken on the spot, I use a Nikon F65. I use a Nikon D3100 for digital. Price plays a role in my choice of cameras but I am also mindful of quality without forgetting the lenses attached to the camera body.

How does a work session take shape?

It depends on the chosen theme. Sometimes I wander around a city and let myself be guided by its charm having prepared nothing in advance. I love to alternate these more spontaneous photographs those that are more planned. Most of the time I do a sketch to summarise my ideas. I also note the colours that I want to emphasise as well as any accessories. I often take two cameras with me to avoid any nasty surprises.

Can you explain to me how your work has evolved since starting out?

In the beginning, I found my way through trial and error without knowing which direction to take, I hesitated for a long time before choosing not to confine myself to a single theme because people often tend to categorise you. Eventually, I learnt to develop several projects around different or complementary topics but at the same time trying to maintain my sensitivity regarding colours and atmospheres. I am also more meticulous with respect to the composition of my photo and more selective regarding photos posted on the Internet.


How do you view your own work?

I am quite critical of my work, I am a perfectionist hence my desire to exhaust my series to the maximum. Generally speaking, my series are on-going; I tirelessly go back to them for fear of having missed any detail that would have made a difference and better served my vision. I think that it’s a way of stimulating my creativity so as not to tire of my activity; I think that the best is always to come.

What are your current and future projects?

I am currently working on series of photos that explore the world of colours. In terms of the future, I would like to base a project around abandoned spaces in France and other places.

About the artist

Violette Nell was born and lives in France. She was indecisive regarding the profession that she wanted to pursue after completing a baccalaureate in literature. In the end certain events took precedence, relegating her prospective career path to the background. Over a long period of convalescence Violette took up photography. Self-taught, she alternated between film and digital. More recently she has focused more on analog photography. Inspired by painting, film, music, the 19th century, nature, etc. her favourite themes are largely couples and intimate portrait. Her work has been published in online magazines such as Lomography, Analog Magazine, Frizzifrizzi, etc. Violette Nell has also won several photography competitions on the Wipplay website and was selected in 2018 to take part in the Salon d’Art Abordable at La Bellevilloise in Paris. 

Website: www.flickr.com/photos/violettelou