Warehouse by Mika Keijonen

Tirage original

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L’oeuvre est accompagnée de son certificat d’authenticité numéroté et signé par l’artiste. Tirage fine art de qualité musée sur papier Baryta 325g de la manufacture Hahnemüehle, 100% Alpha cellulose. La stabilité des couleurs est assurée par 9 encres pigmentaires UltraChrome K3 résistantes aux UV. Le tirage comprend une marge blanche autour de l’oeuvre.

Un délai de fabrication de 7 jours avant envoi est à compter pour un tirage seul, et de 15 jours pour un tirage avec encadrement en caisse américaine ou montage Dibond®.

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Mika Keijonen

I was born in Helsinki have and lived there all my life. When I was a child we moved to a small village surrounded by forest. Growing up the village kept evolving and part of it was always under construction. These construction sites and chopped down forest were our natural playing fields. I have noticed that I often seek similar surroundings for my photography. Many of the locations I photograph have gone through several changes and are in danger of vanishing in the near future. These places provide me with peace of mind. I am a self-taught photographer. The initial spark was planted in me many years ago however by my late mother when she taught me the basics of film photography. I chose to shoot my current project on medium format film. The slow pace of film photography fascinates me. My mission is to picture Helsinki and the surrounding cities. I usually travel by bike. I feel it offers the best means of observing the places around me. I had a great childhood and I cherish my memories of it. I feel like many of the places I photograph take me back mentally to the landscapes of my childhood.


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