We love notebooks

We have always loved notebooks. Little private notebooks can go everywhere with you. Thoughts can be inscribed, key words jotted down and the contact details of our friends noted. When working with good materials, with fine paper, the user works in comfort and with pleasure! The colours, textures and shape are delightful. It sometimes makes us nostalgic for that ‘back to school’ feeling. Objects of desire through which we plan, make resolutions and decisions, aiding us to accomplish. In addition we can retrieve and reread them. They leave a trace of the route taken. Notebooks are the stuff of dreams. They propel us into a unique sensory world. Once you have a taste for them, they never leave your side. With Ultrashop, we have chosen to combine art, design and style in an attempt to embellish everyday life.

Handmade models

  • A5 Screw post bound notebooks
  • A5 Stapled notebooks
  • Little stapled notebooks
  • Pocket notebooks


  • Acid free
  • Elemental chlorine free
  • Heavy metal absence
  • Long life Iso 9706
  • FSC certified papers
  • Selected secondary fibers
  • PEFC
  • Imprim’vert